What's up with all the animals on the covers?

We thought it looked cool, it's easy to develop a cover using a photo over hiring artists, and we are avid animal lovers. Besides that, it was sort of a marketing idea to get the brand to stick with people. "You know, that sample company that uses animals for the covers?" even though it's not really related to braille or audio.

Where can I use these samples and loops?

All samples are licensed by braille.audio as royalty free. You can use these samples, loops and presets in your own productions for release as commercial recordings (including library music) with no need to credit braille audio or it's owners. This is including all the freebie packs.

How can't I use these samples?

You can't use these loops or samples or presets for resale in your own sample packs or for sale in isolation in any way.

How often do you do sales?

If you are a first time customer, you can subscribe to our YouTube channel thru the pop up in the bottom left of the website to reveal a 20% off your order coupon code. We will be releasing packs as often as possible with sales near every major holiday and sale season.